About Me

Rafia Mahli

Writing is something I took for granted for years. It was always a skill I had, something that I could do without thinking about it. So, I spent my early adult years studying fine art, specifically sculpture, and then moved into graphic design. Despite my interests in both, neither proved particularly satisfying as career paths.

Something was missing. I always felt that I had more to offer, more of my intellect that wasn’t being fully utilized.

I finally stumbled into writing as a career path when I realized it was the only skill I had that I could turn into lucrative work. (Also, that nice lady in the photo above, aka Mom, knows just the right way of nagging me into the very things I should be doing…)

I derive a real pleasure from the process of turning an abstract idea into a concrete one using just a few key words. I have a confidence with the written word that I know I can translate into enjoyable, interesting work. 

I was born and raised in Ottawa. I’ve studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, and Algonguin College, where I earned a diploma in Graphic Design, and recently a graduate certificate in Technical Writing.

I’m fascinated by the quirks of the user experience, and deeply interested in content strategy.

I keep a cool head, because nothing is worth getting worked up over. Everything is solvable if you take a breath, sit down and have a good long think about it.

(Photo above by Anis Mahli: that’s me at about three weeks)